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HPA| Elise et Mon Frere by zygardenRP HPA| Elise et Mon Frere by zygardenRP
:iconhopespeakacademy:STATUS: DEAD
Tried to make it look Dangan Ronpa style. full-scale version to come~

Ce temps est bien fini, le show continu
c'est l'heure du spectacle ~

[ ✟ . . . . U N ]

Name: Mademoiselle Élise. (Élise Anne Beaumont)
Age: 18
Height: 5"0
Weight: 88 lbs
Gender: Female
DOB: 7th January
Ethnicity: France. 50% French, 50% English.

[ ✟ . . . . D E U X ]

SHSL: Super High-school Level Ventriloquist.
Élise is a renowned Ventriloquist from France using her talents in everyday life, to fairs, circuses and stage acts. She has a variety of puppets that she uses, (A strongman, old gentleman, a small girl, a anthropomorphic cat and a parakeet to name a few.) although the most popular by far is a little Sailor boy named, Mon frère. She has an amazing talent in 'throwing' (to have them sound like the came from somewhere else) and replicating voices shes heard and a large vocal range able to replicate men, woman, children in both speech and song. Her performances normally feature a few of her puppets, with her preforming stories, songs and comedy skits with them.

Extra Features:
-Élise's eyes are actually golden brown, she wears blue circle lenses contacts when wearing this performance outfit.
-Almost always wears Lolita clothing and her porcelain doll makeup while around other people, not many people have seen her Au natural appearance.
-Took two puppets with her to showcase at the school (along with their invisible wires, outfits and movement poles.) unable to take her big ones she decided on Mon frère and a anthropomorphic cat puppet named MIAU. She also has sock puppets packed into her clothes if shes feeling lazy.

- N/A

[ ✟ . . . . T R O I S ]

Élise holds a facade over her true personality and appears as a quiet, charming little girl full of grace and glamor. She acts shy and very feminine and will likely cling to people if something scares her, or let out some crocodile tears. Shes also good at manipulatiing people help her with things even though underneath shes entirely capable, like using computers. Makes her a good Lier. She is quite intelligent but vocalists it through her puppet along with any anger she may feel.

Underneath the act she portrays for everyone she is a lot smarter, mature and very accustomed to getting things her way. She is also a lot more judging and quick to jump to conclusions about people and form ideas without having it backed up and can be very competitive. This comes out in Mon frère's personality as he acts like a bratty, opinionated and sarcastic little brother to Élise's calm cutsie nature. (Will be developed more and adjusted through RP)

+ Dolls, Puppets
+ Dresses
+ Tea, French Pastries and Cakes
+ Kind, 'Gentlemen'
+ Classical music
+ Gambling games
+ Arts and Crafts
+ Make-up
+ Keeping fit (Although she doesn't like people seeing her do so.)

- Restrictive Time-limits
- Snack, Fast Food
- Filth
- Badly dressed people
- Water

[ ✟ . . . . Q U A T R E ]

Élise was born in Marseille, France. Her father was a doll maker and ex-Ventriloquist himself while her mother was a stay at home wife. At a young age she was brought into the limelight being a natural prodigy at her fathers art form of Ventriloquism. She would mimic her fathers voices with her small play dolls as soon as she could talk, far from perfect at this age of course but the talent was there.
Aged 8 Élise started performing at fares and circuses around the local area already building up her image as a cute little puppet wielder. The locals loved her performances and her name was spread all around France and Europe over the coming years. Due to her fame her childhood was getting cut short, having to focus on all these people around her getting her ready, makeup, hair and practicing her acts made her become much more serious at a young age. (Why she clings to such a dolly, child image is probably a result of her childhood.)
At 14 Élise was due to expect a baby brother to join the family. Ecstatic about having someone to play with it was the one thing she looked forward to while her family made the move to Paris. Her excitement was cut short however as due to complications her brother did not make it past his first month. Élise can't remember anything now from this year, blocking it from her memory. Mon frère was created sometime after these events.
The next few years were totally focused on Élise's career as she gained even more fame and started gaining popularity in countries outwith Europe. She played shows and fares in many different locations and was getting well known for her amazing talents and versatility in the field. Putting her on the radar for Hope Peaks Academy, which she accepted to go to.

[ ✟ . . . . C I N Q]

RP Information:
I roleplay either in comments, chatroom or skype. I just find myself not able to reply to notes fluently. My skypes the same as dA just lemme' know who you are, im forgetful~

I'm 8 hours ahead of the group i think. GMT timezone as i live in Scotland. It may be a bit awkward for me to attend some things but i'll try my best. (I'll add in my times here)

RP Sample:
I can work with whatever longer lit or slightly shorter script, i usually would post something shorter than this if in a chat.

Élise: The young ventrilloquist stepped daintly out of the taxi, clicking her ebony mary-janes lightly as she moved down the path of Hope Peak Academy. She paused taking in her surroundings. It was a calm and pleasant day; a small breeze whisked through her blonde curled hair while the sun rested behind the Academy's walls. With her head tilted she looked to the doll cradled on her arm, which in turn returned her stare. "Our new home, Mon Frère..." She voiced in a mousey tone. The doll's head turned to the brown walls its head clicking lightly as Élise raised his arm to his chest. "Should of referenced some French architecture. Pah, how plain!" The puppet spoke a much more boisterous and boyish tone. Élise just giggled and moved to the main doors.
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Bootsii Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Monobear laughed as judgement time arose, machine slots flickering on each of the students' screens before their vote was entered, displaying the image of who they voted for right before their very stand. The larger slot machine placed above Monobear shuffled throughout the students before an avatar of Élise Anne Beaumont aligned in a row of three before pausing and glittering in the decision finale. It wasn't long until the stuffed bear SLAMMED the red button before him, triggering GAME OVER music that emanated from above. The student known as Super High School Level Ventriloquist was immediately dragged from her room and into the trial area at the neck by clattering chains.

Before she had the chance to speak, she was dragged out back behind the gates located to the right of the room's entrance.

The students watched from the gates as she was dragged towards the center of a wooden stage, an audience of Monobears clapping before her. A spotlight shun on her before she looked up to the ominous applause that shook the stadium. Elise rose from the floor by her wrists as thin black strings whipped around and tied themself to each of her ligaments. In a matter of a second, another pair of strings whipped upwards from the floor before attaching themselves to the corner of her lips, specifically hooked at the back of her jaw.

The audience of Monobears became louder and more ravenous for despair as the strings began to pull outwards, towards each side of the stage. The strings continued to pull until her mouth was wide open and both her arms and legs were spread apart, suspended in the air before letting her jaw fall loose like that of a puppet. The curtains quickly swayed to a close as the drawing-and-quartering tugged at each limb, detaching them from her entirely.
tsuki80 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
w HAT A CUTIE <3<3
paupourii Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
omg I love her talent!! 
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh my gosh oh my gosh she looks so amazing!!! Can I just start out with how amazing and adorable your style is?! Because it looks so wonderful, I just adore Elise's design especially since it fits her character so well!

Elise is really really interesting, I love how she has this cutesie baby-doll persona which is good for lying and then there's Mon frère and he's just the best! I also like how he appeared right after her brother didn't make it. I mean it's sad but it's so interesting, too! I think Elise is a really amazing character!

I'm English so hooray for UK Pride too pfft
I would really love to RP with her sometime!~<3
zygardenRP Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aah thank you for your lovely comments~ :heart:
I'm glad what i was aiming for came across!

An rp would be cool sometime once i can get on consistently- /hence this slow slow reply ahah/
Ribbon-Knight Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Not a problem, my pleasure<3 Just saying the truth!
And it really did!


Yes yes, of course! Be sure to let me know when you can though as I'd love to, for sure! I'm a little inconsistent and busy these days myself so I understand it 100%. I hope things get less busy for you soon anyway!~
Hummmus Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Umbrella-girl1995 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
I love her. |D Wanna rp?
Bootsii Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconmonobearplz::iconsaysplz: UPUPU~! Welcome to my humble abode! Well I guess it's OURS now, eh? I know, I know, you're INCREDIBLY freaked out by my introduction! I mean, you're sitting there SLEEPING at a desk for pete's sake- HAVE SOME DECENCY. Just teasing~ Feel free to look around, and find your room while you're at it! Don't worry, I've placed all... well.. most of your belongings in there.
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